Taking Sustainability to the next Level.

Everything you wanted to know about Crypto Trading

Taking Sustainability to the next Level.

Everything you wanted to know about Crypto Trading


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Our Values

Knowledge is Power. That’s it. With knowledge, everyone can reach the best of their abilities and get the life they deserve. We are here to help people find more ways to make their lives better and share this knowledge.

Courses With Professionals

Your future is secure with us. Learn more about financial markets with Matador and change your life.

Materials For All Levels

From the very basics to specific fields of expertise

We have developed our materials for students of all levels, from beginners to experienced users.

Different Types Of Materials

Videos, texts, individual sessions with supervisors

We provide different audio-visual materials, starting from article to videos and online streams.

Time-proven strategies
that bring you success

Our trading strategies have been working for numerous traders; they can be adapted to suit you best!

Individual sessions
with our specialists

You can book sessions with traders who will help you find the points for growth and will navigate your way to becoming a professional.

Online Trading Streams

Where you can watch real trading live

A unique offer by Matador: now you can watch our specialists trade live, ask your questions, and see how trading actually works.

Online Group Chats

Where you can ask your supervisors at any time

Four eyes see better than two. In our group chats you can find support, new ideas, answers to your questions, and much-much more.

Professional Platform

For specialists who are ready to share their knowledge

Our trading platform is the best choice for professional traders, who can find there all the necessary instruments, indicators, etc.

Best-quality Software

Prompt support services and analytical support

We have numerous solutions for professional traders who can use our software to work with their audience. A trading platform, a built-in CRM system, a back office that shows all the necessary information on your students and referrals, and so much more inside.

Guaranteed Guided Help

Guaranteed guided help out of drawdown: even 50% of your account or more!

  • Courses With Professionals
  • Materials For All Levels
  • Different Types Of Materials
  • Time-proven Strategies
  • Individual Sessions
  • Online Trading Streams
  • Online Group Chats
  • Professional Platform
  • Best-quality Software
  • Guaranteed Guided Help

Our Team

Lukas Krainl Austria

Is an independent trader who studied trading with different brokers of Europe and Asia and has proved his competence by numerous certificates from brokers like Larson&Holz, LH-Crypto, etc. He specializes in more conservative strategies that can give around 240-300% annually.

Goitumetswe Ramotsho South Africa

Sparks smiles wherever he comes. He managed to turn training into a fun and exciting process that will never make you bored. A talented and patient trainer, he has been trading for more than 7 years, reaching up to 450% annually, and can now share his precious experience with others.

Ursula Köhler Germany

Trader with over 12 years of professional experience. Throughout her career, she grew from a self-taught individual beginner to one of the leading coaches at Matador, recording max. annual profit of 365% last year.

Paloma Francisca Martinez Colombia

Can turn any class into a great show and make contact with the most skeptical or shy student. With her vivid imagination and risky combinations, over the 3 years that she has been trading she reached record 520% per year. She specializes in risk management and psychology of trading and will show you the road that not every trader can dare to walk.

Tina Sari Indonesia

Is the trader of low voice and bulletproof strategies. Her perfect control of emotions sends Matador office in awe every time she shows her trading skills. She has only been with us for over a year, but has already reached 290% profit.

Aleksey Lobanov Russia

Is a harsh trader and a big fan of discipline. His training methods always give positive output, and his students always reach great results, catching up and sometimes even outrunning Aleksey's 320% annually.

Gerardo Antonio Rumbos Argentina

Is a trader with flexible approach who has mastered all types of risk management. He can find a perfect tailored strategy for low-risk and high-risk profiles, with average profit reaching 390% annually.

Olivier Le Mar France

Joined Matador after graduating the university in 2015. Since then, he has developed into one of the top coaches and financial strategy consultants, beating personal profit records from year to year, eventually achieving 380% in 2018-2019. He is also a Senior trading consultant for French-speaking countries.

Jacob Fish Israel

Represents the proverb ‘still waters run deep’. His head is full of new strategies he invents and new indicators he wants to test. With his help, our traders can master technical analysis and learn how to make profit if you don’t know anything about the instrument except for the charts. His insights in technical analysis bring him stable 350% annually for over 4 years.

You can become one of them!

If you think there is nothing we can teach you, maybe you are right! Matador is open for new trainers and supervisors. If you have extensive trading experience that you are ready to share, you can choose our platform to spread the knowledge.

Here you will find all the technological solutions for giving an online course and trading successfully. Our first-rate software, helpful support and exclusive trading conditions are at your service.

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